Patterns, licks and variations of eight tunes of the "Pickin' Again!"-cd are being presented in depth.

Have a look here:


14-05-2016: THE NEW CD: "PICKIN' AGAIN!" IS OUT!



I've gone full circle: back to the blues (and a wee bit o' jazz). It's all newly
recorded fingerpicking material: on the CD-cover you'll find a link to the pdfbooklet with liner notes and guitar-tab. I hope you will get as much enjoyment
from it as I did making it.

You can place an order by sending your name and shipping address to ice.n.slice.records@gmail.com, and you'll receive an invoice and payment info.
Price will be €13,50 + postage & packaging depending on weight and destination. For the Japanese market buy here.



20-01-2016: New Fingerpicking-CD in progress:


This new cd is presently in the recording stage. First Alex van Voorst phoned me to ask if I had any fingerpicking plans. For years I've been out of touch with the fingerpicking-world. When we got together I found out that having played other music through the years had also changed my approach to fingerpicking. Then Matthieu Brandt of TrueFire contacted me to do a video course for prewar rhythm guitar. Next Alex suggested I make a cd expanding the Pekka Paska Project I did in the noughties on Dailymotion.com (which was just an attempt to preserve the fingerpicking ideas I still had from the 80-ies). Soon after Matthieu came in again saying it would be great to add a video course to the cd. He also offered to lend me his microphones, which came in quite handy to say the least. So that's how this cd got kick started. I'll keep ya posted on the progress.


Other plans:


Well, after quitting the DSC-band (see below) I've got more than enough to do to fill my time. There are plenty of half-finished arrangements in my desk for duets with guitar & 'ukulele, guitar & (4-string)-banjo, guitar & guitar. Enough material for another cd. Some picking, some plectrum-style. First I'll have a look and see if the Pickin'-cd doesn't leave me broke and bankrupt. Further plans are a cd with fingerpicked rhythm & blues versions of trad-jazz tunes. Loads of arrangements are already in the finishing stages. The budget plan, aimed at the three musicians I have in mind, will be in need of crowd-funding though, as this definitely cannot be an attic room project. And then there are also the songs I play with my wife. Alex suggested doing webcam lessons which does appeal to me, but first I'll get those dvd-courses for TrueFire under my belt. The trouble with webcam lessons is, that I've always pushed guitar arrangements to the very top of my abilities (and quite often beyond). I could afford to do so as I didn't perform too much before the 80-ies. When I was 26 I could just about play The Coconut Dance by the skin of my teeth. Now at 62 I'm not even going to try! As I'm not too keen to try & learn to play these difficult old tunes again I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint the odd person. Some tunes may be nice to re-learn again, but I gladly leave the classic ragtime & novelty stuff to others.


20-12-2015: Bluesharp:


I stopped playing bluesharp. In the radio-days I used to play practically every day. Whenever a background line was needed in our little four piece band (The Izzies), I'd play it on the bluesharp, so I was pretty accurate with hitting on bends, overblows and overdraws. When live music for radio was budgetted out, my main work became accoustic rhythm guitar, so very little bluesharp was needed. About one or two studio gigs a year. Also every six or seven years when I got a new set of dentures I had to start all over again practicing bends and overdraws & -blows. What was at first played without thinking now became a thing of hit and miss. At the last bluesharp studio gig I did, it got to a level of frustration that made me decide to pack the little harps in. They also became quite unaffordable to replace. When I started at the age of twelve a Vereins harp was just under 6 guilders, €2,60 in present days' money, now a Meisterklasse puts you back €90,00! The video-menu will provide a reminder of what I enjoyed doing on the bluesharp at the time ("Shine On Harvest Moon" or "You've Got A Problem").


18-11-2015: Dutch Swing College Band:


At 16 I thought travelling around the world was great, when 61 one likes to stay home as much as possible (i.e. close to the fridge and the pantry, as well as close to Susie). So I quit the DSC at 62: back to fingerpicking again. I sleep so much better now.